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PITCHING - Arm Care/Arm Strength  Baseball · Any

Fall 2020
Oct 1 ’20
Dec 31 ’21
Registration Dates:
Sep 29 ’20 – Dec 31 ’21 regular
Camper Fees
Regular $3000.00 + 3.0% Processing Fee
Payment Plans Available

Program Details:

The CGA 2020 Arm Care/Arm Strength Program is designed to provide each pitcher with the foundation needed to enhance their skill set as a pitcher.  

With a focus on sequencing, arm action, and mechanics each player will have the opportunity to maximize their pitching potential. 

Individualized weekly schedules will be built for each player to work on correctives, build arm strength as well as arm care routines.

With a full buy-in and dedication to the Arm Care/Arm Strength Program each player will develop better mechanics, pitch sequencing, tunneling, and movement.  All of which will ultimately lead to an increase in velocity. The changes will not come over night, it will take practice and dedication! 

Best practice and results will be seen in the 3 or 5 day visits to CGA. Each workout/training session will be designed for the individual player and their needs. 

Individual Workouts/Program Design: 

Day ONE will be Eval Day, which will include video bullpen.  Instructors will then analyze the video to better understand each players movements.  From there the individual program will be designed. 

Every FOUR weeks the player will be reassessed to evaluate progression and add new corrective workouts.

Workouts will consist of strength/training days, corrective days, recovery days, and bullpen/velo days.

Players will also receive workout/lifting plans to complete 2-3 days a week. These workouts are created for players to be more explosive and stronger.

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